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What is included in the Teacher Wellness Monthly Planners?

Teacher Wellness Monthly is a 60 page teacher life planner (30 double-sided pages) in a 1-month format.

There is also a specific focus theme the entire planner revolves around for the month.

It includes:

  • Front and Back Design Covers
  • Quote Image (could be framed)
  • 4 month future planning
  • 2-page Daily Planner for the Week (for each week of the month)
  • Coloring Page
  • Currently... Template
  • Habit Tracker
  • Full Page Monthly Calendar
  • Goal Tracker
  • 2 Pages of Theme Journal Prompts
  • Weekly Meal Planner (for each week of the month)
  • Monthly Reading List Log
  • Lots of Extra Notes Pages
  • Weekly To-Do Template (for each week of the month)
  • Year-at-a-Glance Calendar
  • Fun Lesser-Known Holidays for the Month
  • Monthly To-Do List Template
  • Goals Template
  • Budget Planner
  • Last Month Reflection Page
  • 2-page Weekly Lesson Plan Template (for each week of the month)

"I think I love it best because I am a certified planner junkie. This solves that problem because I get a new planner to play with every month!"

Reviews from Real Teachers...

"I loved the simplicity of the planner."

- Yvonne, Head of Early Years/Primary

"This planner has all the little boxes I need without me having to "add" or squeeze in priorities. Digital planner is awesome for keeping up when on the go."

- Versana, 9th-12th Grades Special Education Teacher

"I like how all the information you need is right there and extremely organized."

- Terri, K-6 Special Education Teacher

"I like that it includes both work and home planning in one planner."

- Sue, Grades 3,4, & 6

"The directions were easy to understand and follow for my first time using a digital planner. I like that I can access it anywhere and don’t have to carry a binder with me."

- Kelly, Gr. 7-8 Intervention Specialist

"Easy to print."

- Missey, 3rd/4th Grade Teacher

"I absolutely love that you added sections for reflecting as well as to write down our hopes. This planner would not only help organize you as a teacher but help increase your personal well being."

- Kerry, Pre-K

"I love that it includes a Monthly Budget Planner. I also enjoyed the pages provided for Monthly Reflection."

- Cynthia, 6th Grade History Teacher



  • Choose your own paper weight for inner pages and covers
  • Laminate your covers if you choose
  • Pick the pages that work for you and leave the rest out
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Use any type of binding you prefer

Even More Reviews from Real Teachers...

"It's like you read a busy mom/teacher's mind and wrapped everything we could possibly need in one planner!"

- Jen, 1st Grade Teacher

"It is easy to use and flip through the pages."

- Paula, Life Skills (PE and Drama) Teacher

"I use both planners, I leave one at work and always have the digital with me. They are great!"

- Sarah, Special Education

"I really like that this doesn't short out Saturday and Sunday. So many planners give the weekend half the space, which doesn't fit this pastor's wife life! My weekends are as busy as the school week."

- Christine, K-4 Substitute Teacher

"It was super easy to assemble. I particularly liked that all aspects of wellness was included. Mental, emotional and physical. It is also well set out."

- Janine, Grade 1 educator

"I love the sections to plan activities, but then to plan meals - game changer for me. I really liked the color palette too. I have been doing this myself in a bullet journal, but this is so much easier!"

- Susan, STEM teacher (PK-5)

"I love that each month has a word. I usually struggle to stay focused but I love how this is set up."

- Wendy, 2nd Grade Teacher

"It’s easy to use!"

- Cinnamon, Speech Language Pathologist

"I like that it is developed with one spread for your work (school) week, and a second spread for the rest of your life. I also love your optimum use of space and a detachable shopping list."

- Laura, Self-Contained Special Education Teacher

"I like how compact the planner is."

- Rowena, Classroom Release Teacher

"I love the fact that it includes so many items. I especially like the budget part of the planner most of the planners that I have ordered do not include this. Now I have a way to keep up with my teacher related expenses."

- Avis, Reading Co-Teacher and Instructional Provider

More Reviews from Real Teachers...

"It is easy to work with and has everything I need."

- Kelly, Special Ed K-5

"Everything is in one place!"

- Michelle, Teacher

"I like that there is space for so much information.... everything I need to stay organized."

- Angie, 5th Grade Teacher

"OMG! It's amazing!"

- Debi, 4th Grade Teacher Assistant

"It's easy to handle."

- Sol, English Language Teacher

"Love the holidays for the month, the looking ahead, doodle page - these will save time and sanity."

- Tiffany, 2nd Grade Teacher

"To be honest this planner has everything I would want or need in a planner. It is very thorough for school life and home life!"

- Sarah, ECSE

"Being able to personalize it."

- Jennifer, Teacher

"I liked the variety of pages available which was a balance for both teacher and home life."

- Debbie, 8th Grade ELA Teacher

"It's beautiful. I have been wanting a digital journal for a long time, this way there is no paper clutter and as long as I have a device, I have it with me."

- Sue, 6th Grade Teacher

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Since these are digital products, there is no way to "return" them.


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